USA A Longshot In Beijing Olympic Cross Country Skiing Odds

  • The United States are +25000 longshots to win the 4x10km relay.
  • James Schoonmaker has +20000 odds in the individual sprint freestyle.
  • USA is a +15000 betting option in the men’s team sprint.

BEIJING - The United States isn’t expected to be competitive in the Olympics when it comes to cross country skiing.

Norway is the heavy favorite in the men’s 4x10km relay while the United States are major longshots. Considering the United States has won just one single gold medal in cross country skiing history, their long odds on Olympic betting sites seem justified.

Beijing 2022 - Men's 4x10km Relay Odds

  • Norway (NOR) -275
  • Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) +225
  • France (FRA) +2000
  • Finland (FIN) +3300
  • Sweden (SWE) +3300
  • Italy (ITA) +5000
  • Switzerland (SUI) +10000
  • Germany (GER) +15000
  • Czech Republic (CZE) +25000
  • USA (USA) +25000

The Norwegians won the event in 2018 and have dominated cross country skiing in general as an Olympic sport, showing they are the rightful favorites in the 4x10km relay.

Men’s Individual Sprint Freestyle Odds

A few Americans will attempt to win the first gold medal in the country’s history in men’s cross country skiing but James Schoonmaker and Ben Ogden are major longshots to do so.

Beijing 2022 - Men's Individual Sprint Freestyle Odds

  • James Schoonmaker +20000
  • Ben Ogden +25000
  • Kevin Bolger +30000
  • Luke Jager +30000
  • Logan Hanneman +50000

The Americans are given the 22nd and 24th shortest odds in the field while other competitors like Kevin Bolger, Luke Jager and Logan Hanneman are given longer odds. The favorite in the event has -350 odds showing just how outlandish an American winning may be.

Men’s Team Sprint Odds

The best chance the United States has at winning a medal comes in the men’s team sprint. Although they remain a large underdog, their odds are a little shorter than in the other events.

Beijing 2022 - Men's Team Sprint Odds

  • Norway (NOR) -350
  • Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) +275
  • France (FRA) +1600
  • Finland (FIN) +2500
  • Italy (ITA) +2500
  • Sweden (SWE) +3300
  • USA (USA) +15000

While the United States’ women’s team won the gold medal in 2018, the men have never made it on the podium. Although the women's USA cross country skiing odds has them listed as the seventh-shortest odds, there's a large gap between Sweden and the USA, showing the gap between the USA and the competition.

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