Facts And Figures To Know 99 Days From 2022 Winter Olympics

  • Norway has +185 odds to win the most gold medals at the Winter Olympics.
  • There are 15 total sports played at the Winter Olympic Games.

BEIJING – The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are just under 100 days away and there is plenty to catch up on.

Knowing the different sports being played as well as past gold medal winners can boost one's knowledge before betting.

2022 Winter Olympic betting sites already have odds for which country is going to lead the way in the gold medal count with Norway favored.

2022 Winter Olympic Most Gold Medals

There are a total of 15 sports being played at the Winter Olympic Games, and some of the most popular ones to watch out for are alpine skiing, snowboarding, and curling.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing was first introduced at the Winter Olympics in 1948.

In the history of the event, Austria has dominated in the men’s downhill event winning 7 of 19 gold medals. Austria has also done a solid job on the women’s side winning 5 of 19 gold medals since the start of the sport.

Alpine Skiing Events

  • Downhill
  • Super-G
  • Giant Slalom
  • Slalom
  • Combined events.

As the Winter Olympics continue to get close, online betting sites will have plenty of alpine skiing odds to choose from.


The first snowboarding Winter Olympic event took place in 1998 with the halfpipe contest. All in all, there are seven snowboard contests throughout the Olympics including Big Air, Halfpipe, three Slalom events, Slopestyle, and Snowboard Cross.

Looking at the classic halfpipe event, the United States has won four of the six gold medals with Ross Powers winning the first in 2002 and Shaun White with three in 2006, 2010, and 2018.

The U.S. also has the most gold medals in the women’s halfpipe event behind Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Chloe Kim.


Curling is one of the original Winter Olympic sports since 1924, however, between 1928 and 1994, it was not recognized as a sport.

In the seven men’s curling events that have taken place over the years, Canada has walked away with three gold medals. The United States is the most recent gold medal winner for men’s curling.

The women’s curling event was introduced in 1998 in which Canada won the first gold medal. Since then in the six women’s curling events, Sweden has won three of them.

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