Suzanne Schulting Looking To Add 25th Speed Skating Gold Medal

  • Suzanne Schulting has 24-speed skating gold medals.
  • Suzanne Schulting is heavily favored to win the women’s 1000m with +138 odds.

BEIJING, China – While some might not think much of women’s speed skating in the Olympics, there is certainly money to be made with one real competitor standing ahead of the rest. That competitor is Suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands who has made her mark on the sport since winning her first gold medal in 2016.

Schulting is arguably the best speed skater at the Olympic games and online Winter Olympic sportsbooks have taken note of that with her odds sitting far ahead of the rest.

Beijing 2022 – Women’s 1000m

  • Suzanne Schulting (NED) +138
  • Choi Min-Jeong (KOR) +600
  • Kim Boutin (CAN) +800
  • Kristen Santos (USA) +1000
  • Arianna Fontana (ITA) +1100
  • Courtney Sarault (CAN) +1100

No Match For Her Competition

Schulting is just 24 years young and already has 24-speed skating gold medals to her name. Of those 24 gold medals, five of them have come in a 1000m event including two at the European Championships, two at the World Championships, and one at the PyeongChang Olympic games in 2018. She has been on a tear in 2021 having won more medals than any other year with nine gold medals.

In the 1000m speed skating event, she has a personal best time of 1:26:854 which she posted recently in 2021 as well.

Also, of the two-speed skaters that follow Schulting on the odds board in Choi Min-Jeong and Kim Boutin, Schulting has the top personal best time of the three by 1 second which is an eternity in such as fast-paced sport.

This is a great opportunity to get in on slightly long speed skating odds on an Olympian who is clearly far out ahead of her competition. At +138 odds, a $100 bet would profit $138.

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